Ehre Family

Violin & Guitar Students

“Our daughter Cadence, age 9, began playing violin with Julie Dayton-Plyter almost 2 summers ago at Cadence Music (how could she not with her name!) and we have all loved every minute of it. Not only has it helped build her skills and love for violin, but it has also built her confidence in herself. Each time we walk into Cadence Music we are warmly greeted by staff and owner. They create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for young students — it is such a wonderful place to build a lifelong love for all things music! When our son Grayson, age 7, wanted to begin playing guitar we knew there was no better place for him to start. Now our 5 year old is eagerly awaiting his turn to pick up his instrument and join the Cadence Music Store family!”


Michael Martin

Adult Bass Student

“Paul for the past 3 years has been my bass teacher mentor, and a good friend. He’s the kind of teacher that listens to his students and makes the effort to find and play music that interests and inspires them. Paul also knows the instrument inside out and has helped me understand choosing strings pickups and bridges. I can’t say enough about Paul and Cadence music, except Paul, Shawn, and Jon have made me feel at home here. I’m a very satisfied customer!”