Our students often continue on their musical journey to perform in local venues, receive scholarships to notable colleges and be invited to play around the country for major events. Wherever they end up, we do our best to keep up with their achievements and offer continued guidance.

Cameron Sieb

Local college student, composer and performing guitarist

“I started playing instruments at a young age. Mr. Duchscherer helped me evolve my young, untrained passion into a deep understanding of what possibilities exist in the realm of music. He has inspired me innumerable times, and has pushed me to not only be a better guitar player, but a better musician as a whole. I have worked as a gigging musician, a studio musician, a guest artist, instructor, and a composer; and Shawn has played a crucial role in all of those endeavors. From helping me learn how to manage a band, to teaching me extended jazz theory and harmony to improve my compositional technique, he has always been supportive and informative. Even though I am no longer (currently) studying with Shawn, he continues to be a fountain of knowledge and support, and I know that I have not only studied with a great mentor, but I have made a friend for life.”

UPDATE: Cameron is now a teacher here at Cadence!

Calli Ross

Local High School Student

“I started playing guitar in 2007 at age 7. At 12, I joined my intermediate school’s jazz band. The school year after, I joined my junior high jazz band, where our wind band/jazz band went to compete in Boston at the end of the year for awards. This is called, Music in the Parks. Fortunately, our school’s wind band and jazz band won 1st place! On top of that, I won best soloist out of all the instruments soloing.

The year after, we went to Chicago to compete again. This was the end of my 8th grade year. Again, our school won 1st place in wind and jazz band, and I won the best soloist award! That same year, I also auditioned and participated in Junior High All-County jazz band. I also, had a pop/rock band where we played on the roof of our school as well as for our school’s graduation.

During my freshman year of high school, I played in the school’s jazz band, and I’m still playing in it today. Again, I auditioned and participated in junior high jazz All-County. Also that year, I was the guitarist for my schools pit band. Sophomore year, I auditioned for All-State jazz. At the beginning of this year, my junior year, I found out I got into All-State. In November, I played for the All-State jazz ensemble in Fredonia. I also was asked to play for another school district’s pit band. I just found out, I’ll be playing for Senior High All-County once again.”

Morgan Brader

Local College Student

Morgan Brader has been studying with Shawn Duchscherer since 2010. They have studied guitar performance, guitar maintenance, music theory, and music history; along with studying a range of music genres like jazz, classical, baroque, rock, and pop. Morgan’s lessons with Shawn have helped her while getting her music degree at Niagara County Community College and will continue to help her as she pursues a degree in music therapy.

Morgan has also gained performance experience from doing multiple guitar recitals with Shawn over the years. These recitals have given Morgan the experience she needed in preparation to perform with NCCC’S jazz and rock ensembles, as well as the pit band, in which she played for where first musical “First Date” with Medaille College. In addition to guitar, Morgan has played Drums at NCCC(2016) & Trumpet in which she began in 2006 at George Southard middle school, continued through Lockport High School & Currently at NCCC.


Elizabeth Abbott

Guitar and Vocal Student

I studied at Cadence ever since it had opened its doors. I took guitar lessons with Cadence’s owner Shawn even before Cadence was open. I studied a wide range of musical styles on the guitar, and also studied music theory. I later expanded on my music lessons to studying voice with Cadence’s vocal teacher, Jessica Rohring. In my vocal lessons, I sang everything from pop to classical, which broadened my horizons to the world of vocal music exponentially. Every week, I had something to look forward to because I could do what I love, and I could work to improve my skills with people who are just as passionate as I am about music. I am going into college to study musical theatre performance, and both of my teachers at Cadence had helped me tremendously throughout the audition process. The teachers and staff there truly want you to succeed in your craft, and will support you every step of the way. Everyone greets you with a bright smile and asks you how your day is. It’s a large family that always welcomes everyone! I definitely recommend Cadence to everyone, because they will support you, even if you’re just picking up an instrument or if you know how to play but you haven’t played in years. Cadence Music is a welcoming place that truly wants to see you succeed in not just the musical field, but as a person as well, and that is something that I will be forever grateful for. I am super sad to be leaving Cadence music, but I know that I have somewhere to come back to and visit during breaks from college!